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  1. 21 rows · Reverie is an American science fiction drama television series. The series was No. of episodes: 10 (list of episodes).
  2. Define reverie. reverie synonyms, reverie pronunciation, reverie translation, English dictionary definition of reverie. n. 1. A state of abstracted musing; daydreaming. 2. A daydream: "I felt caught up in a reverie of years long past". or n, pl -eries 1. an act or state of.
  3. The company recently won top design awards from Graphic Design USA for five campaigns created and executed by Reverie team members. This marks the second consecutive year that the company has been recognized by the organization for its design work. Read more.
  4. Reveries are a class of gestures that were initially thought to have been developed by Robert Ford, and rolled out as part of a routine update, at the time of the premiere episode, "The Original".. Eventually, Ford revealed, in "The Bicameral Mind", that Reveries were actually written by Arnold, more than 30 years reconleoslimaranparsyleluxgore.xyzinfoably as the base layer of his pyramid theory of consciousness.
  5. Dec 07,  · The really brilliant thing about Reverie is the way that it deftly contains every possible kind of young adult novel, mostly by way of the reveries themselves. We bounce from post apocalyptic.
  6. rev•er•ie (ˈrɛv ə ri) n. 1. a state of meditation or fanciful musing: lost in reverie. 2. a daydream. 3. a fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea. [–75; reverie, derivative of rever to speak wildly] ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. revery - an abstracted state of absorption.
  7. Reverie is a story about the importance that dreams and fantasy have in people's lives, and how balancing them with reality is just as necessary. It's a story that gets on a deep level why the idea of escaping to a kinder world is so tempting to queer teenagers, but one that is also about learning to not run away from reality/5.
  8. Reverie is a historic Greek Revival mansion built circa in Marion, Perry County, reconleoslimaranparsyleluxgore.xyzinfo now serves as a residence and also historic house museum. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing property to the West Marion Historic District and was recorded by the Historic American Buildings Survey. It is featured in Ralph Hammond's Antebellum Mansions of.

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