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Henri Leca And His Orchestra - Portuguese Washerwoman (Shellac)


  1. Create a free family tree for yourself or for Maria Leca and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. Get started BillionGraves FREE. Maria F. Leca Maria F. Leca, - Maria F. Leca was born on July 7 Maria married Jose Leca. Maria passed away .
  2. henry leca et ses 5 quintettes* - surprise partie monstre - 50 succès RCA - choc - FRANCE - Apr Sell. Compare. Price:
  3. author of The Washerwoman: bloomers: old-fashioned women's underwear: clotheslines: lines or ropes for air-drying laundry: conceive: to form an idea of something in mind: contributed: gave; donated: devoted: loving; loyal: endure: to put up with; to tolerate: impression: idea or opinion of someone or something: uttered: spoke or made a sound.
  4. H. Leca, Henri Leca & His Orch., Henri Leca And His Orchestra, Henri Leca Et Ses Piano-Rythmes, Henri Leca Et Ses Pianos-Rythmes, Henri Leca Et Son Ensemble, Henri Leca Et Son Orchestre, Henri Lecca, Henry Leca (Piano-Jazz) Et Ses Rythmes, Henry Leca & His Orch., Henry Leca And His Orchestra, Henry Leca E Il Suo Complesso, Henry Leca E La Sua.
  5. Robert Gerlach takes his Pennsylvania German ancestry seriously. Gerlach and his late wife, Sylvia, named the family mail-order business "Gerlachs of Lecha." The word "Lecha" is Pennsylvania.
  6. Born in house # in the town of Neubeschenowa, Timis, Banat, Hungary, the son of Sebastian and his second wife, Katharina (KUNZELMANN). Sebastian was the second of 7 siblings. Only he, a half-sister Barbara, b , and a sister, Anna b , survived to adulthood. Sebastian married Anna .
  7. Harry Madison Et Son Quartett, Henri Leca And His Orchestra, Henri Leca Et Son Ensemble Typique, Henri Leca Et Son Quatuor Rythmique, Henri Leca Et Son Quintette, Henri Leca Et Son Trio Rythmique, Henry Leca Et Ses Cordes, Henry Leca Et Son Juke-Box Quintet, Henry Leca .
  8. Sep 10,  · Henry Leca 1Henry Leca & His Orchestra – Sweet And Gentle 2Henry Leca & His Orchestra – Corps A Corps 3Henry Leca & His Orchestra – Les Lavandières Du Portugal 4Henry Leca & His Orchestra.

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